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If youre looking to run PPC Ads for your business, we have extensive experience with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google & YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads and more!
Don't worry, we will help guide you to which platform is best for your business.

Running Digital Ads is a fantastic way to bring in more customers and sales to your business quickly.

Advanced targeting through paid ads can help your business generate new leads on any platform! From Google & Youtube to Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn to TikTok, and more, we’re here to help you find your ideal customer and keep them coming back.

We know that every business is unique, and your paid marketing doesn’t always benefit from a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll start by discussing your business goals and your target customer, and guide you to the best platform to begin running your ads.

From pixel setup to audience creation, and everything in between, you’ll have access to all of your data every step of the way. We’ll set up and use your business ad accounts, making sure your audience and data belongs to you. This also has your campaigns and results available to view anytime. 

So whether you’re engaging cold audiences to generate new leads or remarketing your existing customer base, we’d love to chat with you about your PPC strategy!


“I'm so thankful for Marley. I had tried running Instagram and Facebook ads for my business with another marketing company and ended up not even breaking even. Not sure how else to get my product out there, I found Marley in the Freelancing Females group and she has now managed my ads for over a year. With my business now making money, I've been able to create more products and expand my line. ”

Prisha, cosmetics e-commerce business

Behind The Scenes:
After an incredibly stressed out Prisha reached out to us, we did an audit on their previous campaigns to see if we found any issues. Unfortunately, there was a TON of room for improvement. We relaunched her new cold e-comm funnel on Facebook & Instagram to bring in new customers and used a three step remarketing campaign to sell past customers her latest products. This is a really fun campaign to work on!

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Ads May Work For You If..

You can take on more sales or clients asap

your business has an ad budget to run an ad campaign

You know a bit about who your target market is

You have something that sets you apart from your competition

This May Not Work For You If...

You have no ability to take on more sales or new clients

You can't safely invest any budget into digital ads

You aren't sure who your target customer is at all

Your business has a lot of bad public reviews


What’s the best platform to use for PPC (pay-per-click)?

What’s the best platform to use for PPC (pay-per-click)?

It depends on your business goals. A local service-based business will often get the best results on Google Ads, but a national insurance company may do better running ads on Facebook & Instagram.

Because the answer is different depending on your ideal outcome, we start by chatting about your business goals. I’ll recommend a platform to get us started, and we’ll build our strategy together as you build out your business.

How long does it take to get launched?

How long does it take to get launched?

We can get you set up within a couple of days to a week! Working one-on-one with an ad manager, unlike working with an agency, means we can move quickly to get your PPC ads running. If you’re ready to hit the ground running, so are we!

What’s the minimum budget needed to run a PPC campaign?

What’s the minimum budget needed to run a PPC campaign?

It all depends on your business and location! In general, a local Google ads campaign should run with a minimum of $500, and typically has the best results with a minimum of $700. A typical Facebook campaign requires split testing to effectively run ads, needing a budget of $1000 for each campaign. LinkedIn is one of the most expensive platforms, with recommended budgets starting around $1500/month. Using your business goals to define your platforms and budgets will help us deliver the best results.

Do PPC ads work for every business?

Do PPC ads work for every business?

Having a wide range of platforms to reach various audiences means that any business can benefit from running paid ads. What we focus on is which platforms will work best for your business goals, and not so much if they’ll work.

PPC vs SEO - which one is right for my business?

PPC vs SEO - which one is right for my business?

The answer is both - it’s more a matter of which option is best for your business right now. If you’re looking for quick results and you have a marketing budget available, PPC can offer quick ROI. If you’re working with a tight budget and you’re focusing on long-term growth, SEO is a great investment! You can check out our SEO services here.