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You don’t need to have strength in every single area of your business to be an amazing entrepreneur. We help you seriously scale your traffic and sales so you can get back to building your business.

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Elua Digital Marketing

We design custom marketing strategies to help you scale your business, increase your traffic and level-up your sales. We leverage strategies around SEO, Digital Ads, consulting, and so much more.

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Organically drive serious website traffic and automated sales.


Increase sales and website traffic quickly with Digital Ads.


Find direction and clarity for your team with one-on-one consulting.


Looking to seriously ramp up your organic website traffic? We’ll get your business in front of your target audience and increase your ranking one backlink and page overhaul at a time!

Writing content and analyzing keywords isn’t for everyone. Lucky for you, we live for a good blog post. Our hands-off services cover everything from website optimization to building and generating reviews for your Google Business Page. We’ll use our ever-changing process to bump up your rankings and share a monthly report to keep you in the know. 


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Digital Ads can help scale traffic and sales quickly. We build and launch personalized marketing campaigns designed to help you generate new leads, automate your sales and stay in front of your customers. 


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Maybe you have an in-house marketing team that isn't hitting targets, or you're a new entrepreneur without the budget for Done-for-You services.

One-on-one consulting gives you the tools to launch sales funnels without fumbling through courses that don't apply to your business.


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“Hiring Elua Digital to manage our company's SEO has completely changed our business. Marley has grown our organic  website traffic from 2K to over 30K per month - and growing! Our client growth has followed right behind!”




“I just wanted to say thank you! The last 10 days have brought in 10 new leads! And I have booked 3 new sessions with more calls scheduled. Thank you for your help!”



“I had to reach out and say thank you! I just got off the phone with my accountant and she was shocked at how much revenue the spa made during a pandemic, when I was only able to be open a few months total in 2020! Thank you for all of your help and I can’t wait to see what we can do in 2021!”



“The November cohort is completely booked! Just received payment for the last two additions and I’ve decided to open another cohort this month due to the demand. You can keep the ads on! Thank you!”


I'm Marley, your powerhouse for business growth.

I'm data-driven, results-oriented and hyper-focused on traffic and sales. I help entrepreneurs scale their business, so they can go back to enjoying their life.

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The world of Digital Marketing is ever-changing and we are here to catch you up! Sign up to get the most important news - and nothing more - that matters to YOUR business.


Stay In The Know!

The world of Digital Marketing is ever-changing and we are here to catch you up! Sign up to get the most important news - and nothing more - that matters to YOUR business.

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